Socket Cooler round up

This is the first edition of what will be an ever growing article for CPU Socket coolers. As new ones come in they will be added to the review on a first come first basis… The scores obtained in this review are not compatible with any of the other cooler reviews on this site. The reason being that the testing methodology had to be refined so that I could record as small temperature differences as plus minus 0.1°C.

Testing methodology

What you see in the above picture is a “Comp-u-Nurse” thermal probe, it has been placed right next to the core of my CPU; I will refer to this sensor as “probe” later on in the article. I tested each heatsink with two different fans. The 60mm heatsinks were tested with a Delta fan, which pushes 37.6 CFM of air, and a YS-Tech fan, which pushes about 22 CFM of air… The 80mm heatsinks were also tested with two different fans, the first being the Delta 80x38, which pushes an amazing 68CFM of air and the second, a Sunon fan that pushes 39 CFM.

The testing consists of running the RC5 client until the processor reaches it’s highest stable temperature, all tests are redone three times to make sure that they are accurate.

The processor used for testing was an AMD Duron 750 MHz “AXCA Z” core that was overclocked to 1000 MHz with a voltage of 1,85v, this produces 50w of heat. A sufficient amount of Arctic Silver 2 is applied, and reapplied after each test.

The coolers tested on the round-up so far are:

  • Alpha PAL8045

  • Thermalright SK6 (provided by CoolerGuys)

  • Thermosonic Thermoengine  (provided by 1COOLPC)

  • Vantec CCK-6035D (all Vantec provided by VantecUSA)

  • Vantec FCE-62540D

  • Vantec FCE 6030D

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