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3D Spotlight : Articles : Everglide Giganta mousepad

Everglide Giganta mousepad
Posted by Thomas McGuire on March 17, 2000 - Page 2/3
Company: Everglide     Product: Giganta mousepad

Gaming conclusions

Quake 3 seemed to benefit a bit more from this new mouse pad than Unreal Tournament did at first. Although after reducing the mouse sensitivity in Unreal Tournament aiming was much improved. Headshots are that little bit easier to pull off now.

Railgun users will be happy to know that railing someone is easier with this pad & I had no problem compensating while aiming. On my old mouse pad it tended to be a little inaccurate & I couldn’t always get the exact point I wanted to aim for first time. Playing against Xaero was that bit easier this time & I even found myself pulling off shots that I never could do much before on the old mouse pad given the somewhat jumpy scrolling it gave. The shots that I’m referring to is railing someone while they use the jumppads to get to the Quad damage on The longest yard. This is a very fulfilling experience too I might add & I have little trouble doing it now.

I also tried playing through one of my favourite demos at the moment, Soldier of Fortune. Again movement was that extra bit smoother & aiming was improved. This will be quite important in some games. Games that use location based damage will obviously benefit greatly from this kind of enhanced accuracy. If I need to get off a quick headshot then I know I can do it with this pad, with the old mouse pad I wouldn’t feel quite so confident with its problematic traction.

Overall, it’s fair to say that I am a better player now with the Giganta & my frag count is on the increase thanks to the smoothness of movement/accuracy I can now achieve.


Those with big mice (e.g. Intellimouse Explorer) might find the vertical length of the pad a little small, although it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll do too much vertical scrolling to run out of room. The width of the pad is just fine. The main “flaw” with this mouse-pad is the location of the logo, which is near your hand. The way I hold the mouse part of my hand is rubbing against part of the logo, which will wear it down eventually. This will be the case for nearly every user of this pad. Although those that are left handed mouse users probably won’t find this to be an issue.

Another “flaw” with the Giganta is that it is only a mouse pad. It may not be a priority for everyone to pay almost $20 for one when they can get an ok for a few $’s instead.


Everglide aren’t alone in the mouse-pad market. Ratpadz, aka HardOCP, makes similar pads using a plastic material that’s also great for tracking the mouse ball across. The dimensions are the same - 9 1/2" high by 11 1/2" wide.

The cost is also the same. These may also be worth checking into as well.


The edges of this pad are angled & have been smoothed out. Obviously this means that the pad is as comfortable on your hand as it is with your mouse. Great for those who have long sessions on the PC, like I do.

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