A first look to Windows XP

Bundled Software

Let me start out by saying that Microsoft hasn't really added much in the software department. MSN Messenger is already installed, and it loads up at startup by default. Also included is the normal stuff like Media Player 8.0, Outlook Express 6.0, MSN Gaming Zone, Netmeeting 4.0, Windows Movie Maker 1.1, and Frontpage 3.0. If you want more software, you'll have to buy it.


All benchmarks were taken from system 2, and they are all taken at the stock 3d accelerator clock speeds with V-sync disabled. I used higher resolutions, because anybody that would actually play games at less than 1024x768 with a Geforce2 needs to be screamed at. Also note that all benchmarks are with everything enabled! Yes, this includes sound, ejecting brass, tri-linear filtering, etc. Here we go:

Quake 3 Demo Timedemo1

1024x768 16 93.1 95.9
1024x768 32 85.4 86.8
1280x1024 16 84.7 84.9
1280x1024 32 58.7 61.5

As you can see here, itís really too close to call. Both operating systems handled Q3ís open GL pretty much the same. I did run these benchmarks several times, and WIN XP came on top every time, by a fairly small margin though.

3DMark 2000

1024x768 16 4897 4131
1280x1024 16 4613 3902

Oddly enough, 3D Mark was a different story. Windows XP scores in 3DMark were considerably lower than in Windows ME, which is a bit surprising to me. Letís see what happens in 3DMark2001.

3DMark 2001

1024x768 16 2898 2783
1024x768 32 2722 2608

Things get closer in 3dMark2001, and I am assuming it has something to do with better implementation of DirectX 8.0, but itís just an assumption.


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