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GeForce 8800 GT deal…

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Update: There is a newer deal on 8800GT that I posted here.

Wait a second… getting the almighty 8800GT for the actual $250 MSRP? And from BestBuy? When a majority of desperate gamers are overpaying as much as $70 for getting one of these cards, this almost sounds too good to be true. But according to the BestBuy website you can get one (only ONE, no soup SLI for you!) for $249.99 after an instant $30 rebate, plus free shipping.

The site goes as far as saying the card can ship within a day. This is not one to pass by, better be quick if you don’t want to be left out. (Thanks Mirob in the forums for the note).

Written by Julio Franco

November 19th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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