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A tale of a not so early adopter…

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As the Executive Editor of TechSpot it would only seem logical to assume I have to be an early adopter for anything computer or technology related, but that is not the case necessarily. While I do tend to spend thousands of dollars in new stuff throughout the year, I have to admit I keep running a somewhat old Athlon X2 system fitted with 2GB RAM and some other basics that have not received any upgrade treatment in the past 12 months. I may end up upgrading in the coming weeks/months but you get the point… instead of running a top of the line Core 2 Quad and SLI Ultras, I have kept running a moderate system that gets the job done.

Likewise, I was very reluctant to jump into the Blackberry bandwagon, or for that matter any other mobile device that kept me online and in touch with work at all times. In this case it wasn’t me not wanting to upgrade to the latest technologies but I was already finding myself checking my email dozens of times per day and so I thought getting hooked permanently would only make things worse. There were other reasons like the bulkiness of devices available at the time, the lagging speed of connections available, and the lack of a decent web browser.

And so it was only a few months ago that I got myself a Blackberry Pearl, despite of the lack of a full QWERTY keyboard, it was a nice entry into the world of true smartphones. The Blackberry puts a lot of emphasis on email functionality with some basic web browsing available, and I have to admit it works pretty well for keeping myself up to date while away from the office. As it happens the Pearl has actually provided more peace of mind that I could have ever anticipated. Now I can tell if there is something important going on, or perhaps not as many things I need to attend to immediately. If this holiday season you are having second thoughts like I did before, try to follow my advise, I just wish I had decided on making the jump much much sooner.

Written by Julio Franco

November 29th, 2007 at 1:33 am

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