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Firefox crashes, CPU utilization at max

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Update #2:  I keep hearing from more people that their Firefox installation is broken but for some reason there’s not much noise around the web about this. Disabling add-ons seems to be a partial solution only, I suggest you go back to or try the recently released Firefox 3.0 Beta 1. You will see this last one is very very speedy but lacks support for a majority of add-ons out there which hinders its immediate potential.

Update: On a second thought (and further testing) Firefox still seems to be using too much CPU power, but disabling the add-on permits the browser to remain functional and not crash like before.

Last week Firefox received two updates, version which fixed security vulnerabilities and later a version .11 which fixed a regression bug. During the weekend however I reported in our frontpage’s weekend picks post that even this latest version was broken:

Mozilla Firefox released (broken!): This one fixes some regressions from the other recent releases. If you are running anything earlier than I suggest you don’t upgrade to any of the newer versions until an even newer revision is released. Several complaints from users about random crashes and high CPU utilization have risen in the past week. This editor is just another of such users feeling the pain in multiple OS versions, for sure the latest updates are to blame.

As stated I started having trouble in all of my Firefox installations, that includes multiple platforms like XP, OS X and Vista. Being a Firefox junkie, I couldn’t get myself to use an alternative browser for too long, so I had to fix Firefox. As it happens the bug doesn’t seem to be present in Firefox itself but an incompatibility with the Tab Mix Plus extension, one of the most useful and popular Firefox extensions out there.

So if you are suffering from insanely high CPU utilization in Firefox as of recent, there you have the answer. Disable the add-on and wait until an updated version is out.

Could this be sloppy patching and coding as a side effect of Firefox 3 becoming a priority?

Written by Julio Franco

December 3rd, 2007 at 1:49 pm

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