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Ads and more ads

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I remember a long time ago how this and many other tech sites just refused to show more than 1-3 advertisements per page. I remember so because around the time I started TechSpot (3ds), tech communities started taking shape in bigger scales, and back then many webmasters prided themselves of running communities in the form of “barely” commercial websites. Nowadays it seems though that concept has been forgotten by those same people.

As a site owner myself I know there are costs to be covered, especially if you want to remain competitive, so my point here is not blaming on those sites, not at all. My point here is that I have noticed certain sites (some which I like and visit) are running ads on really shameful quantities. I will be the first one to admit we just don’t run a couple ads per page, but I often try to balance them, up to the point where you won’t be annoyed or distracted by them, at least from my stand point of view… and so I hope that’s the case for most of you, too. Your feedback is more than welcome as always.

Written by Julio Franco

June 13th, 2005 at 6:38 am

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