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Apple prepares new MacBooks, release set for tomorrow

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Edit #2: Announcement made, full story here.

Edit: Forgot to mention this story from the Financial Week on how Apple is currently sitting on a pile of cash estimated at $18.4 billion.

There is an inexplicable enthusiasm for whatever Apple has to announce next, and while the hype behind products like the iPhone is more than justified, sometimes a mere speed bump on its laptop line can produce massive amounts of rumors on the web, but hey even I’m writing about it as a confessed Vista lover, perhaps because my MacBook Pro will no longer be part of Apple’s latest line of products.

We have to hand it to Apple though, ever since they joined the leagues of the PC (using Intel CPUs), they are always using the very latest mobile technologies on its laptops. The rumor is, new MacBook Pros are coming out tomorrow, with the possibility of more model revamps as well. Watch our frontpage news coverage tomorrow for details.

Also here’s another good resource for everything Mac rumor related, and their nicely put buying guide.

Written by Julio Franco

February 25th, 2008 at 11:10 pm