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The reason I will never buy a Mac desktop

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While browsing around this morning I stumbled upon this bit of news: “Apple released a new graphics upgrade kit today.” For those Mac Pro users out there (that is, the tower desktop system, not the laptop) can now upgrade to a GeForce 8800GT for about x1.5 the actual price of the card, ain’t those wonderful news?

GeForce 8800GT


When Apple released the Early 2008 Mac Pro, they offered the NVIDIA 8800GT as an upgrade option, however due to firmware issues, the 8800GT was not compatible with previous generation Mac Pros — until today.

And here’s a reaction by a Mac Pro owner, taken from Apple’s website:

YES! We all know how good this card is and 1st Gen Mac Pro owners can now use it…

Perhaps you may want to grab an overpriced memory upgrade kit from the manufacturer as well?

Written by Julio Franco

April 17th, 2008 at 2:54 pm

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  1. $280?! with the latest cuts prices are as low as $120, so that means a more than double premium!

    GTS 512s are as low as $250 and there are some 9800GTXs selling for as low as $300!

    Anyone that would pay such a premium just to use OS X is either out of his mind or too rich ;)


    19 Apr 08 at 1:56 am

  2. If it comes from Apple of course it will be overpriced. Are there cards available from 3rd party manufacturers?

    Rick Cain

    6 May 08 at 3:02 pm

  3. Just a short note as to why I will never purchase another Mac. It is so sensative that half of the CD’s I try to use are ejected without playing. This includes some music CD’s, Audiobooks and even a instruction/setup CD for a new modem from ATT. The ATT CD says right on the label that it is for both PC’s and Macs. Sometime if I put the CD in six or seven times it will finally read it. My Mac is a desktop a little over a year old and I abslutely hate it. The only plus is that you don’t need virus protection. Iam going back to a PC with my next purchase. It’s a tossup when I put a CD is as to whether it will be ejected or play. Here I have a brand new modem and can’t use it because I cannot load the software.


    13 Nov 09 at 11:38 am

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