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How to remove Windows 7 Beta ‘Send Feedback’ link and wallpaper watermark

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The new Windows 7 beta release just like Vista preview releases before it incorporate some additional UI elements meant for testers to submit feedback back to Microsoft.

Now considering you may be running this Beta 1 release as your main OS for some reason (I admit it, I have given in to the temptation many times before), one of those elements in particular can become annoying and obtrusive to your otherwise neat configured desktop.

Windows 7 Beta Send Feedback link

Windows 7 Beta Send Feedback link

Here’s how to remove the Send Feedback link:

(1) Run the Registry Editor (type regedit on the start run menu)
(2) Browse to the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
(3) If it’s not already there, add a new DWORD (32-bit) value “FeedbackToolEnabled” and set its data field to 0.
(4) The change should take effect on your next restart.

An alternative way to do this is to run this registry key file I have compiled for you. Just download, run and then restart.

Windows 7 Build 7000 watermark

Windows 7 Build 7000 watermark

There’s also a way to remove the wallpaper watermark from the beta, though I don’t find this quite as bothersome.

The process for doing this is a bit more complicated, having to patch the original user32.dll.mui file found on your Windows folder. So what I recommend you do is download this utility (found via My Digital Life) that will take care of everything for you – notice however this is only meant to work with Windows 7 Build 7000 (Beta 1).

Update: We still encourage all users to submit their feedback to Microsoft. It’s obvious that’s the reason Microsoft is giving away the OS code at this stage (besides building momentum after a lackluster Vista reception from most media), so if you come across some obvious bugs please submit them so developers can get them fixed in future revisions.

Our intention with this tip is to give you a fix for aesthetics if you will be using the beta for a prolonged time and the send feedback link bothers you visually. Ultimately what we all want is a flawless-as-you-can-get Windows 7 final release later this year.

Written by Julio Franco

January 10th, 2009 at 6:36 am