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foobar2000 0.9 Beta 7

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The latest foobar 0.9 Beta (Beta 7) is now available. Download here.

-Various bug fixes, fixed AAC streaming, faster tagging of multi-chapter files

As you’re probably aware, foobar2000 is my current media player of choice & if you’re looking for something which offers a *lot* of functionality you should check it out. As per usual, any suggestions for the current foobar2000 guide? Let me know. I’ll be updating for the release version 0.9.

On a related note; I’ve (finally) finished a Winamp guide I’d been working on. The content is similarly themed to the foobar2000 guide, i.e. relevent core options along with Input (MAD, Shibatch mpg123) & Output (DirectSound/DirectSound SSRC, ASIO, waveOut, Kernel Streaming) plug-ins covered in detail (Maximize playback quality). Post suggestions here for what you’d like added (Favorite DSPs, etc.). Edit – Figures they’d post Winamp 5.1 after I finish, luckily there’s no real changes bar a logo update.

Written by Julio Franco

August 31st, 2005 at 9:46 am

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