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foobar2000 0.9 Beta 7

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The latest foobar 0.9 Beta (Beta 7) is now available. Download here.

-Various bug fixes, fixed AAC streaming, faster tagging of multi-chapter files

As you’re probably aware, foobar2000 is my current media player of choice & if you’re looking for something which offers a *lot* of functionality you should check it out. As per usual, any suggestions for the current foobar2000 guide? Let me know. I’ll be updating for the release version 0.9.

On a related note; I’ve (finally) finished a Winamp guide I’d been working on. The content is similarly themed to the foobar2000 guide, i.e. relevent core options along with Input (MAD, Shibatch mpg123) & Output (DirectSound/DirectSound SSRC, ASIO, waveOut, Kernel Streaming) plug-ins covered in detail (Maximize playback quality). Post suggestions here for what you’d like added (Favorite DSPs, etc.). Edit – Figures they’d post Winamp 5.1 after I finish, luckily there’s no real changes bar a logo update.

Written by Julio Franco

August 31st, 2005 at 9:46 am

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  1. your foobar is great.i use it every day.
    but there is only one point that is not friendly for me to use it.
    when i want to copy a song( in foobar playlist ) , it is not easy for me to click on the mouse to pull the file name to the file on desktop, course the file name in playlist will be pulled by the mouse run up and down, and change its position in the playlist.
    is there one way to copy songs like copy a document , i can click the right bottom of mouse , and select ‘copy’, then i can click ‘paste, on the file which i want to put the songs in.

    thanks for your kindly consideration.
    how ever , it is the greatest tool to listen music.

    i love foobar



    3 Sep 05 at 1:12 am

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