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Windows XP 64 bit edition and Microsoft IntelliPoint

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I tested Windows for AMD 64bit systems quite a while ago when it was still in beta stadium, I could then live with the fact that drivers for most of the hardware was not available and many off the applications crashed now and then since I was only beta testing the thing for fun…

Fast-forwarding a few months and Microsoft releases the OS; driver support from many companies is still scarce at best so I hold off testing the thing for a while…

After another month or two a friend to me decides to build an awesome AMD killer rig and asks me if I want to help him build it, of course I wont disappoint him, after all I want a feel for the new OS on a fast system… Said and done, spent allot of time installing, tweaking and making this little puppy an as perfect install as I could. Installing all the latest drivers, and tweaking it some more… The fun stops when I try to install drivers for his Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse; there are no 64-bit drivers for hardware made by the same company that made the OS!

After seeing this my friend kindly asks me to install the 32-bit version of XP, me: (sigh) yea sure, I did not spend too much time making that system perfect anyway… So to Microsoft I now ask, where are the drivers we have been promised?

Written by Per Hansson

September 28th, 2005 at 4:34 pm

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