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Windows Genuine Advantage Plug-In Available

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You’re probably aware that of late Microsoft’s been scanning your system to determine if you’re using a genuine version of Windows before allowing you to download (certain) updates. This process uses an ActiveX control; which essentially limits it to Internet Explorer users. Well, guess what, now they’ve released a Plug-In version so you’ll be able to get downloads which require verification through supported other browsers – Firefox certainly (I’ve not tested others though). I wouldn’t get my hopes up on a Plug-In supported version of WindowsUpdate anytime soon though (There is an ActiveX Plug-In out now I think, so you could get around it that way right now; then again why expose your other browsers to all the ActiveX problems of IE – security, etc. :)).

Written by Julio Franco

November 17th, 2005 at 4:13 pm

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