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Firefox Passes Acid2

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A development build of Firefox now passes the Acid2 Browser Test. This makes Firefox the latest Browser to pass the test; other Browsers which pass are; Safari, iCab & Konqueror. Opera 9 also passes, however as with Firefox both are non-final releases; that said, Opera 9 will be released well before the Firefox passing version is – Firefox 3 (Expected early 2007). This leaves Internet Explorer (7 & earlier) as the only mainstream Browser making no appreciable effort to pass the Acid2 Browser Test.

With the market share of Firefox still growing & surpassing IE in some instances hopefully Microsoft will re-assess it’s current level of commitment to standards support (Although IE 7 does fix many of the more common implementation bugs), so that site Developers & End-Users can finally be quite certain that a site will render the same in every Browser & there’ll be no more need for implementating time-consuming hacks just to get a site displaying correctly in a specific Browser.

Written by Julio Franco

April 18th, 2006 at 2:05 pm

Posted in software,the web