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Console emulation on the PSP

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Although I got my PSP on the first day of its release, I haven’t spent much time with it. So far, I’ve only got 3 games which still should be enough considering I’m not playing heavily on it, so no more money needs to be spent on it for now… and while I haven’t been paying much attention to new game releases, it seems I’ve also been missing other developments that exploit its speedy hardware. While browsing around I found the following at Slashdot:

“The PSP is now the ultimate in handheld emulation consoles, already it boasts Full Speed Gameboy Colour Emulation and improving Snes & Master System but added today it also has NeoGeo CD and Sega Genesis emulators added to the impressive list of homebrew releases.”

Written by Julio Franco

June 2nd, 2005 at 1:02 am

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