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Welcome to the social 2.0, new Zunes available

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This will be making it to the TechSpot frontpage in a matter of hours but until then, for those of you that simply refuse going the iPod’s way (not many of you I must add), Microsoft has revamped its line of Zune players with new smaller, flash-based players that are meant to compete with the iPod nano (similar pricing, too), plus a new flagship player called the Zune 80 which comes with an internal 80gb HDD (go figure!).

microsoft zune

The real good news… older Zune players will be upgradeable to the newest software and enjoy everything the newer models have to offer. Apple could learn from this by at least adding features such as search to the older iPods (I own one of the first batches of iPod Videos that don’t have this, although I’m sure the hardware is capable).

Written by Julio Franco

October 3rd, 2007 at 8:56 am

Posted in microsoft