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One of the reasons that drove me to relaunch the TS blog was that I wanted to share with our site community a variety of things, many of them even PC/tech related, that departed from the core coverage offered on the frontpage and in our usual reviews and articles.

Take for example the current revolution of video and TV shows on the web. Sure, we do report on big things like YouTube and its billionaire Google acquisition. Joost is another promising project that for now is getting limited mainstream attention. There’s a few traditional media giants like BBC and other networks in the US that are delivering video on demand. But just like with websites in the early days of the WWW, the door has also opened for a whole new category of niche focused shows coming from independent sources and not standard media companies.

For many the ball got rolling distributing amateur video on YouTube, but there is also a number of web startups dedicated to offer unique video content. One such company is Revision3, better known for hosting the video blog of called Diggnation. That show in particular doesn’t do much for me but there are a couple others that certainly deserve a mention.

PixelPerfect is a very cool show hosted by digital artist Bert Monroy, certainly one to watch if you are into Photoshop or want to learn some basic design tools and skills. Another great show is the GigaOM show, hosted by Om Malik, a seasoned writer for print publications turned blogger. The guy has some enviable writing skills, so his website is pretty decent if you are into web start-ups. The show tries to follow that same line of content but the interviews is what makes it great.

My favorite recent show is the one where they interview Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business Development. Mr. Lewin defended Vista really well giving an insider perspective of what the OS means to the software giant. He also mentioned how despite of the poor blogosphere reception, Vista sales were doing well (that was weeks before recent news when Microsoft stock exploded after positive financial results due to Vista in part).

At the end of each show, Om and co-host Joyce Kim read some of the feedback received by viewers. In both of the last two shows they have mentioned my own critique for Om’s socks, which has obviously put me to laugh (both times). However, after writing this blog post I will try to clarify with Om that by no means I was trying to be offensive but it was pure constructive criticism (not on his socks choice but how he was wearing them). I saw this as a fault from the production team that did not pay enough attention to the little details that could detract from the professionalism you expect on a visual medium. I know he took it very lightly but still, I wish the best of luck to him and his team, maybe there will be chance to meet at some conference in the future.

Written by Julio Franco

October 28th, 2007 at 9:51 pm