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Run Crysis in Windows 2000

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Per has done it again! As far as I’m aware he was the first and only source for bringing Bioshock to Windows 2000. Crysis is yet another (great) new generation shooter that officially only supports XP and Vista, but he has managed to bypass that limitation and get the demo fully working on his trusty Windows 2000 rig…

To play Crysis on Windows 2000 you need three files, powrprof.dll, dbghelp.dll and xinput1_3.dll

You can get powrprof.dll from a Windows XP or 2003 install, the version I used which worked was 6.0.3790.3959 from a 2003 SP2 server install. dbghelp.dll is used by many games, the version I took was from my Steam directory, version

You can find the xinput1_3.dll in the latest DirectX monthly redist (or the Bioshock DVD if you followed that guide too). In the extracted archive open the file and extract the xinput1_3.dll file.

Please read the complete instructions here. You may also be able to get some support from our community if you come across any problems. In addition, here are some benchmarks he ran on Win2k, XP and Vista 64-bit. You can also get a full scoop on Crysis’ videocard performance and scalability from our article posted last week.

Written by Julio Franco

November 6th, 2007 at 5:05 am

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