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Radiohead’s latest album, pay the price you want

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I missed this a couple of days ago (and that’s like months in Internet time), but I still thought I would contribute with the news since it’s not techie enough to go on the frontpage.

Radiohead will be taking the boldest move ever on Internet music distribution with their upcoming album “In Rainbows”. The band expects the release to hit store shelves next week while at the same time they will be making a downloadable DRM-free version available on their site which will set you back… X amount of pounds. The bold move is just that, the unimaginable, you can set the price you want to pay whether it is 2 cents or 10, or 100 dollars, it’s up to you.
They sure have got lots of online publicity so far, and we can only imagine the flood gates won’t fully open until the album is released next October 10th.

Written by Julio Franco

October 3rd, 2007 at 8:04 pm