News about the latest Apple developments, including iOS, Mac OS X, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iPods and more Apple related software and hardware products.

Apple's WWDC and the challenge of rising expectations

One of the biggest challenges that any highly regarded company faces is the difficulty of living up to the expectations that its previous successes create. No company in any industry faces this challenge as much as Apple. This company has…

Revised Apple TV to add touch pad to remote

Apple TV is due for an update this summer and when it arrives, the set-top box won’t be the only thing getting a makeover. The Apple TV remote control, which has more or less stuck to the same design over…

Here's what happens when you blend the Apple Watch

We’ve already seen how the Apple Watch fares against everyday hazards and even kitchen nightmares like maple syrup, ketchup, mustard and Nutella. But what if you happen to be making a milkshake and your watch accidentally drops into the blender?  The…

iPad errors delay American Airlines flights

Over the years, many industries have swapped out paper records and briefings for electronic ones, and the airlines are no exception. Over that time, American Airlines has flipped its pilot’s Kitbag materials out in favor of Apple’s tablets, but the…
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