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Car Tech

Self-driving cars, Tesla's latest word in innovation, infotainment systems and why not, car hacks!

Faraday Future's latest teaser is a bit misleading

Faraday Future a little over a week ago published a teaser clip of its upcoming consumer electric vehicle lining up for alleged drag races against a Bentley Bentayga, a Ferrari 488 Italia and a Tesla Model X P100D. At just…

Intel creates a dedicated self-driving tech business unit

Earlier this week Intel announced a partnership with Mobileye and Delphi centered on self-driving technology, with the goal of delivering a fully functioning system by 2019. Now, the company is officially elevating ambitions in the automotive space creating a new…

Uber China completes merger with Didi Chuxing

Nearly four months after announcing the merger with local rival Didi Chuxing, Uber has officially abandoned the Chinese market. An app bearing its brand remains but it has been decoupled from from the Uber global app, requiring international Uber users…
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