Consumer electronics and gadgets that are simply too cool to be missed or are bound to be industry-changing.

NTSB report reveals what caused Facebook's Aquila drone to crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has revealed what caused Facebook’s solar-powered Aquila drone to crash land during its first test flight. It seems the “substantial damage” was a result of the autopilot's reaction to unexpected high winds. …

Apple AirPods now on sale after several week delay

In removing the iPhone 7's headphone jack, Apple presented an innovative alternative with the AirPods and seamless integration across iDevices for wireless audio. Easier said than done, the AirPods were delayed for several weeks but as of today they are back on sale. An expensive affair for non-premium audio, you're buying for the convenience and cool factor instead. Reviews have been mixed so far, we'll see what happens when the earbuds arrive into customers' hands.

Bluetooth 5 specification now officially adopted

The world of Bluetooth is about to get a lot more interesting. This week the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that the latest Bluetooth 5 standard has been adopted. The core specifications were detailed back in June, but this week marks the…

GoPro launches Karma Grip, a $299.99 standalone stabilizer

One of the more interesting features of GoPro’s ill-fated Karma drone was the included three-axis image stabilizer. The device was positioned in such a way that an attached camera could record without the drone’s propellers being in the shot. …
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