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Final Fantasy XV Review

Let’s get this out of the way: Final Fantasy XV is a great video game. It steers the series in a promising new direction, reveals a spectacular new world, and introduces a combat system as satisfying as any I’ve played. For all of its warts and wrinkles—and there are quite a few warts and wrinkles—Final Fantasy XV is often a thing of beauty.

Ubisoft to make compulsory DLC free for all

Premium DLC has long been the bane of gamers, especially if it’s the type that’s borderline necessary in order to experience the core game the way it was meant to be played. Fortunately for gamers, developer Ubisoft has recently come…

Fake video game stories are everywhere

With everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama expressing concerns over the amount of fake news stories appearing online – and the fact that many people believe them – it’s easy to forget that this sort of misinformation extends beyond…

Apple's Touch Bar can technically play 'Doom'

Few games have been as groundbreaking for their time as id Software’s smash hit Doom. Rapidly approaching its 25th anniversary, the iconic first-person shooter has refused to go quietly into the night with installments now available across a number of…
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