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Steam Winter Sale 2016 goes live

If you’re still in search of that special gift for the gamer in your life (or maybe you’ve been waiting patiently for the “big sale” to splurge on yourself), you’ll happy to learn that Valve’s annual Steam Winter Sale is…

Nintendo shares original hand drawn Zelda maps

As Nintendo’s year-long celebration of The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary comes to a close, the Japanese entertainment company’s UK division has shared perhaps the final bit of memorabilia before we roll the calendar to 2017. …

Minecraft gets new update 1.11.2

As usual Minecraft for PC has received updates first, along with bug fixes, some new features include rocket-propelled elytra flight, iron nuggets, and Sweeping Edge enchantment for swords. The attack indicator has also been changed to hint when you should attack. Yesterday, Minecraft also made it to Apple TV. For download links and complete release notes head here.

Minecraft arrives on Apple TV for $19.99

Minecraft is already available on pretty much every platform you can imagine — second only to Doom, which is ported to anything with a screen just for the heck of it. But today the popular open-world sandbox game is expanding…
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