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Google really wants you to hack its Chromebook

Google is one of several large companies that pay security researchers big bucks to find and (privately) disclose vulnerabilities in its software. Last year alone, the search giant paid out more than $2 million to help make its products safer…

4chan creator Chris Poole hired by Google

Towards the end of 2015, Chris Poole (aka. Moot) sold the controversial website he created, 4chan, to the founder of popular Japanese message board 2channel. Now that the acquisition is complete, Poole has found a new home at Google.

Google now fields more than 100,000 copyright takedown requests every hour

Google revealed in its latest transparency report that it received a staggering 76,899,797 requests to remove links to material that allegedly infringes copyrights. Those requests came from just 3,083 reporting organizations, Google said, and were spread across just under 70,000 domains.
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