The business side of tech. The industry’s latest developments, legal face-offs, acquisitions and technology trends that will give you an overall scope of what’s to come.

Twitter hires former Apple designer to head its VR/AR division

Twitter hasn’t dived head first into developing virtual reality with quite as much enthusiasm as Facebook or Google, but it has been making some moves in the field recently. The microblogging site acquired machine learning firm Magic Pony earlier this…

Google Fiber to acquire gigabit Internet provider Webpass

Google is looking to speed up the rollout of its gigabit Internet service with the acquisition of Webpass, a 13-year-old ISP that offers what it calls “point-to-point wireless” service to businesses, apartment buildings and condos in five metropolitan areas --…

IoT in business environments faces challenges with scale

One of the core tenets of any business or technological initiative is, in order to achieve mainstream success and widespread adoption, the primary concept must be able to scale. Sure, it is a great proof-of-concept if you can effectively deploy…
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