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Amazon to build first air cargo hub in Kentucky

Amazon in mid-January said it would be creating 100,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs in the US in the coming 18 months. Some of those new employment opportunities, we’ve recently learned, are destined for the Bluegrass State.

The network vs. the computer

The history of the technology industry has seen several swings back and forth between dependence on a network that can deliver the output of centralized computing resources, to client devices that do most of the computing work on their own.

Snapchat set for IPO on NYSE later this week

An Initial Public Offering is often seen as a big growth milestone for a company. It's a proud moment and gives a sense of legitimacy to many companies, as well as new responsibilities to shareholders. Popular messaging app Snapchat has decided…

Hugo Barra leaves Xiaomi to lead Facebook's VR efforts

Earlier this week, former Android executive Hugo Barra announced that he was leaving his post leading Xiaomi’s international efforts, citing personal reasons and a desire to go back to his normal life in Silicon Valley and take some much-needed time…
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