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Europe launches its long-delayed alternative to GPS

After 17 years, €10 billion in spending and numerous setbacks, Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system finally went live last week. The system — free to users worldwide — will be able to pinpoint an object to within 3.3 feet, compared…

Lenovo to launch Chrome OS-powered Yoga Book in 2017

Lenovo’s Yoga Book was perhaps the most interesting 2-in-1 that emerged in 2016 thanks largely to its innovative multi-function touchscreen slate and striking design. The curious portable is currently available with your choice of Android or Windows OS but according…

Donald Trump meets with the tech elite, offers a helping hand

President-elect Donald Trump met with some of Silicon Valley's top executives to help smooth his transition into office. Prominent attendees included the leaders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Tesla, as well as Trump family members and other administration appointees. …

Amazon conducts inaugural Prime Air drone delivery

It’s hard to believe but it’s been more than three years since Amazon chief Jeff Bezos revealed on CBS News’ magazine program 60 Minutes his intentions to use aerial drones to deliver packages to customers. Some in the tech community…
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