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Moto Z Battery Beast: Mod Delivers Best in Class Smartphone Battery Life

Suffering from battery anxiety sucks, so I recently went on a crusade to find the flagship smartphone with the best battery life. Like most phones the Moto Z's battery is non-removable, but you can magnetically attach a battery mod to the rear of the device that provides a significant stamina boost. Moto Mods are simple and sleek. The results are great, too.

The OnePlus 3T cheated on benchmarks and got caught red-handed

Cheating on industry standard tests and benchmarks ain't new. Recently and most notably, auto makers Volkswagen, and Fiat Chrysler were caught cheating emissions tests. The tech industry isn't immune either. A widespread investigation into cheating on mobile benchmark scores was…

Dropbox's Google Docs rival Paper gets full release

Dropbox may already be an immensely popular cloud storage vendor, but the company isn’t standing still when it comes to introducing new services. At a media event in San Francisco, California yesterday, it announced the official release of two products:…

Snapchat set for IPO on NYSE later this week

An Initial Public Offering is often seen as a big growth milestone for a company. It's a proud moment and gives a sense of legitimacy to many companies, as well as new responsibilities to shareholders. Popular messaging app Snapchat has decided…

Is this the first public photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

With the Galaxy Note 7 gaining distance in the rear view mirror, both Samsung and mobile enthusiasts alike have turned their attention to “the next big thing.” Barring an unforeseen catastrophe of similar proportion, Samsung’s next major release will be the…
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