News Around the Web

News Around the Web

Roundup of interesting news headlines and articles making their way around the Web.

Weekend tech reading: EA to launch PC gaming campaign?

Weekend tech reading: EA to launch PC gaming campaign?

Electronic Arts has a somewhat mixed record when it comes to PC gaming. On the one hand it has released a number of well known exclusive PC game titles such as The Sims, Spore, and others. On the other hand it tends to treat the PC like a second class game platform...

Weekend tech reading: GTX 560 coming next year (rumor)

Geforce GTX 460 was Nvidia's life saver, and all reports are indicating that it has been selling well. Even AMD admitted that to its analists. This is the main reason why Nvidia won’t release a new GTX 560 until early next year. This is the card that is supposed to replace the GTX 460.

Weekend tech reading: What's a fair penalty for piracy?

This week a federal jury handed down the verdict in the third file-sharing trial against a Minnesota mother of four who has been fighting against the charges brought by the RIAA since 2005. The jury found Jamie Thomas-Rasset guilty of pirating 24 copyrighted songs from six different record labels and awarded the plaintiffs $1.5 million in damages, or an astounding $62,500 per song.

News around the web: Lucas to release Star Wars in 3D

George Lucas to release Star Wars in 3D @ BBC News Cataclysm release date set for December 7 @ WoWInsider China pollution: You think that's air you're breathing? @ Shanghaiist Vdara hotel 'death ray' claiming victims in the Las Vegas Strip @ Engadet See…

News around the web: Email vs. snail mail

Email vs. snail mail (infographic) @ Pingdom Facebook Begins Purging Pages That Refer to Pedophile Group @ Fox Google gives Gmail users more control over inboxes @ AP Yahoo Jaguar C-X75 Concept Features Four Electric Motors, Two Gas Turbines @ AutoMobileMag See more articles…

News around the web: Best free Mac software 2010

Best Free Mac Software 2010 @ PCWorld What 10 years of Apple did to its main product @ TUAW Genetically Altered Salmon Is No Fish Story @ Bloomberg Obama signs small business bill into law @ Reuters See more articles and reviews. Five years ago…

News around the web: PC game mind controller coming

NeuroSky releasing PC game mind-based controller in October @ BigDownload Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs @ EndlessSimmer The Smartest Piece of Plastic You'll Ever Have @ OurCityLights 6 People Who Benefited From the Recession @ GoBankingRates See more articles and…

News around the web: Plants vs. zombies quest in WoW

Plants Vs. Zombies Quest In WoW: Cataclysm @ rockpapershotgun Make a Hardware Chess Set @ DollarStoreCrafts ‘No Shooting’ Signs Seem To Attract Bullets @ Everydaynodaysoff StarCraft II 1.1 patch goes live via auto-updater @ BigDownload See more articles and reviews. Five years ago in TechSpot: Toshiba…
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