Your privacy and rights online, securing your systems, plus relevant stories on hacking and system vulnerabilities and patching.

Ransomware attack hits luxury hotel's keycard system

If you’re in any doubt as to the rising popularity of ransomware, here’s today’s second piece of news related to the malicious software: It’s been reported that the malware was used to prevent guests accessing their rooms at a luxury hotel…

Breach notification site LeakedSource suddenly goes offline

Breach notification site LeakedSource suddenly went offline Thursday and it has a lot of people in the security community talking. One expert weighing in on the matter is Troy Hunt, a respected security researcher that operates a somewhat similar service…

Facebook boosts account security with USB key support

The fact that “123456” was the most common password of 2016 goes to show that securing online accounts remains low on the list of priorities for many. Even for those that utilize strong passwords, there’s often more than can be…

Inside the mind of a hacker

Writing about security is kind of like writing about insurance. As a responsible adult, you know it’s something you should do every now then, but deep down, you’re really worried that many readers won’t make it past the second sentence.…
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