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Snapchat adds looping video, 'infinite' Snaps and more

Snap this week will report its quarterly earnings for the first time as a publicly traded company. Ahead of that report, Snap on Tuesday announced a couple of significant changes to the ephemeral messaging platform that you may want to…

Lyrebird can clone anyone's voice in 60 seconds

Yesterday an artificial intelligence firm in Canada called Lyrebird announced that it had developed algorithms that can mimic anyone’s voice using only 60 seconds of audio. They are not the only company that is working on human-like voice synthesis. The…

Scanner Sombre puts players in a pitch-black cave

Scanner Sombre is a horror game from Introversion Software, the studio responsible for Prison Architect. Similar to games like Outlast and Daylight, Scanner Sombre drops the player into a dark environment in which they have to navigate with limited visibility.

Google Photos adds video stabilization option

Tired of taking shaky videos from your phone? The latest Google Photos update introduces video stabilization on demand to correct just that. Users with the latest version can access the feature by browsing to a video in their album, and…

Apple is dead to me... I'm switching to Windows

I converted to Apple over 5 years ago however I need a more powerful machine that can handle a LOT. I doubt I’m the only creative professional in this situation. Nowadays, my camera’s RAW files are bigger (I use a Hasselblad X1D, but my MacBook was still choking with my Sony A7Rii files), and I do a lot of video work as well. I simply need a workhorse.

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