0x000000F4 BSOD xp pro sp2 help PLZ !

By thealiasone
May 9, 2006
  1. Srry for the lack of ettiquite - but just thought I'd toss some "dumps" at yall to see if you can help a guy out. System is MSI K8 Neo 4 / AMD 64 3200+ / Mushkin (top end) ram / 4 x WD Raptor 35g SATA setup as Raid 0+1 / ATI x800 GTO - I get BSOD all the time - my thoughts lean towards the SATA controller / raid setup - but plz plz plz if anyone can provide some guidance - i'd be much appreciateive. I cannot seem to get the BSOD with any particular programs / functions - the just seem to come when they want to. I've tried new ram - updated all applicable drivers, anti-virus, spyware, etc. - I'm stuck and not sure where else to go ... would like to avoid system rebuild / format if possible.
    I've tested system memory with memtest86 or whatever it is - via floppy. after 9 runs - no errors which is why i'm leaning towards SATA issues with raid? Possible? thanks!!
  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    Two minidump is crashed with NT status code c0000006 (In-page I/O error). Probably the paging sapce is corrupted. Run chkdsk /r and re-allocate the paging space.

    Refer the following case

    Mini050306-01.dmp BugCheck F4, {3, 85c9a790, 85c9a904, 805c7478} Probably caused by : csrss.exe

    Mini050906-02.dmp BugCheck F4, {3, 85d65790, 85d65904, 805c7478} Probably caused by : csrss.exe

    One minidump is crashed at daemon tool with stack overflow. De-install and upgrade daemon tool.
    Mini050406-01.dmp BugCheck 1000007F, {8, 80042000, 0, 0} <-- Stack overflow at daemon tool
    Probably caused by : sptd.sys ( sptd+12a76 )
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