0x24 001902FE F790938 XP SP3 occured when using standby

By JFrancis
Dec 29, 2009
  1. Hi folks - I'm an IT tech far from home and away from my "tools" - otherwise I would have pulled the HDD from this laptop and run diags on it from a test box.

    It's a XP Media Center SP3 laptop 1Gb ram
    I had been fooling with "stand-by" options and didn't reboot after making a change when the next thing I knew I was in a BSOD loop. I'd installed the "on boot" recovery console when I first got the laptop and have run ChkDsk /r & /p several times. The first 2 times it found and corrected errors, and of course I would try and boot with "last known good config" after each. At one point I was able to get on in Safe Mode and checked the event log file and sure enough it was realated to NTFS. Since then I have not been able to boot into safe mode.

    Out of desperation, and using a friends PC, I downloaded and burned Koppix 6x on CD - to reseach my options (that's how I'm posting this now)

    I fear my only choice is to back up my data and reinstall - but I am over a week from getting home to my OEM disks....

    Any ideas out there? I hesitate to use Knoppix's ntfsfix since I lack experience with it as a tool. Thanks for your time, Jami
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