2 error messages and I dont know what to do!

By Kanekutter05
Jan 31, 2008
  1. I'm a brand new user so my sincere apologies if this does not fall under the right forum topic...

    Anywho, my laptop recently has been a bit fickle on the startup. One day it froze up and i had to shut it down by letting the battery run out. Upon restarting, the XP loading screen sat for a good 5 minutes with no desktop loading. After the XP loading screen disappeared, a black screen appeared with an error message that read:

    "Services.exe - Application Error

    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc015000f). Press OK to terminate the application."

    Once I clicked OK, another error message appeared reading:

    "Lsass.exe - Application Error

    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc015000f). Press OK to terminate the application."

    Upon clicking OK again, the 1st error message reappeared, and after clicking OK yet again the 2nd error message reappeared. After the 4th error message the screen just goes black. I still have a mouse icon, my computer still connects to my wireless network (i assume as the wireless network light is lit), but it is just a black screen. Nothing affects the screen either, ctrl-alt-delete does nothing and (in an unrelated problem i think) my power button no longer works, so it is impossible to force shut down as well. The only way to power on my computer is by pressing one of the "quickplay" buttons (the laptop is a HP Pavilion 5150 I believe). I booted the computer from my Windows XP disc and went through the steps to repair XP, but to no avail, the problem still persists.

    So in short, I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be fantastically appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. Route44

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    Is your laptop still under warrenty? If so I would get it to them for repair as soon as possible. Please note the following:

    services.exe is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and manages the operation of starting and stopping services. This process also deals with the automatic starting of services during the computers boot-up and the stopping of services during shut-down. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

    lsass.exe is a system process of the Microsoft Windows security mechanisms. It specifically deals with local security and login policies. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

    Your Windows OS is corrupted and I believe it was even before you terminated these two critical applications. I have a sneaking hunch you have a nasty embedded trojan, though please understand I am only guessing.

    What kind of security measures have you been using, i.e., router, antivirus, antispyware, firewall?

    If you can't get your system up and going then I think you may have to do a reformat of your harddrive meaning wiping your harddrive clean. But first see what HP says!

    Edit: After writing the above I found this from the DELL website and it sounds exactly like what you are experiencing.
  3. luvhuffer

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    One question. When you say you used the XP CD to do the XP Repair, did you try it using the repair console, or did you do a repair (in place upgrade) install. The repair console attempts repairs to specific areas. The XP Repair install installs a fresh copy of the operating system on top of the existing files, without data loss. Backing up what you can before doing it is always the best avenue if possible. Have you tried hitting F8 while booting to get into safe mode, or safe mode with command prompt?
  4. Kanekutter05

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    Well when the computer boots up it has the screen along the lines of "windows did not shut down properly" and it gives me the option to boot normally, last known good configuration and safe mode, but none of the options go anywhere but to the black screen. I restarted my laptop today and I got a similar black screen after the XP loading screen went away but I received no error messages this time around.

    And in response to your first question, I'm not sure of the exact option i selected but it was the first option available on the menu that comes up when you boot from the CD. It appeared to reinstall XP again so I believe I chose the XP Repair option.
  5. luvhuffer

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    Click on the blue 'repair (in place upgrade) install' link in my previous post. It will give you instructions on how to do the repair install. Use method #2. The first time you see the repair option don't click on it instead hit enter to continue installing windows. The second time it gives you the repair option hit R. The instructions are very specific and walk you though it. Just make sure to print a copy before you try it, so you can follow along. Like I said you shouldn't lose any data, but sometimes if the installation is really hosed, the repair install doesn't even work either. There is another way to do this. Create a standalone XP disk with Bart's PE. It will run a minimum XP Program right from the CD but will allow access to part of your installed OS. You can hit run, then when the task manager opens hit file new task (run). In the create new task window either type in

    sfc /scannow

    which will run the system file checker and replace any damaged or corrupted system files, or type in


    That will open the windows restore application that will allow you to try to restore the system to a date before the problem began. If you have any questions or need help with any of it post back. Instructions on how to make the BartPE disk go to

    If you do the repair install or run the system file checker, remember you will have to reinstall all your windows updates and service packs.
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