2 Routers w/ different internet con and 1 switch is it possible?

By linklaizengard
Jun 30, 2008
  1. sorry kinda new here if this isn't the right thread for my post please will you kindly relocate it. thanks. well here it goes.

    can 2 routers. "the first one is an wireless internet connection". and the other one is a "DSL connection". is it possible if i connect the two routers in 1 switch if both of them have different ip address?what will happened? cause i want to avail a DSL connection w/ 1mbps but I already have a wireless internet connnection w/ 364kbps? but i want them to be both used at the same time so my wireless connection won't go to waste.
  2. jobeard

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    No you can not do this
    isp#1 --- switch --- isp#2
                  +---- system with 2x bandwidth
    You can create dual access, but it will not give 2x bandwidth!
    isp#1---- system --- isp#2 
    the system needs TWO adapters ( (2) Nics or (2) WifI or (1) each and the Wifi needs a wireless router for EACH)

    The issue will be the default routing will FORCE most access to be via one of the
    isp's and only those IP addresses you add for explicit routing to the other adapter
    will use the second path.

    Internally, Once a connection is made from your system to a website, only that
    connection will be used for transport -- the other ISP is ignorant of the traffic.

    You're into the reason for Torents which have special coding to open multiple
    connections to increase the download time, but even then, all of the connections
    will still be lopsided and ignore the second ISP.
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