256 mb cruzer mini problem

By jbirdy958
Nov 12, 2006
  1. Hello, I am new to the forums, so I hope I put this in the right spot. I have a 256 mb sandisk cruzer mini. It worked fine for a few weeks, but now I go to plug it in and it doesn't work. The green light on the mini comes on for a few seconds, then it goes out, then comes on, then goes out, etc. The computer doesn't even register that anything is plugged in to the USB port. No beep, no removable storage drive showing up, nothing. The only thing that happens is the light. I have searched the threads, but couldn't find anything like this happening to anyone else. I have windows XP home. I have also tried it on several other computers and it won't work on them either. The data on it is fairly important and took a long time to compile, so I really need to get to it. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. THANKS!
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    Yeah, i read that. I tried it on several computers and it just doesn't show up when I put it in a USB port. I've tried downloading drivers, but they won't work because it's like there's nothing there. I can't figure out what's going on with it!
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