3D printing at home and the health risks associated with it

By Shawn Knight
Jul 24, 2013
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  1. Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology have released a study outlining the potential health risks associated with at-home 3D printers. The idea may seem a bit farfetched at first, but it’s much more plausible when you consider the fact...

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  2. VitalyT

    VitalyT Puss Posts: 2,530   +824

    So the next wave of 3D printers will be sold with respirators...

    We cannot print food and chemicals just yet, although people are already printing guns, but with a respirator we are one step closer to Breaking Bad on that one... :)
  3. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,513   +953

    Bummer... I was hoping this was an article about someone who tried to print his own food.
  4. JC713

    JC713 TS Evangelist Posts: 7,240   +960

    There is always a roadblock, and this is one of them. Hopefully we can find a way around this.
  5. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,345   +178

    Print yourself some dust filters in the garden before you take it in the house :p
    Arris likes this.
  6. hitech0101

    hitech0101 TS Maniac Posts: 442   +22

    A lot of products we use have health risks but 3d printers are relatively new only time will tell when a lot of the population uses it whether is risky or not.
  7. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,345   +178

  8. spydercanopus

    spydercanopus TS Guru Posts: 802   +87

    So printing a bowl and microwaving soup in it is probably a bad idea...
  9. Win7Dev

    Win7Dev TS Booster Posts: 423   +66

    Microwaving a plastic bowl that has a low melting temperature is always a bad idea.
  10. Oh, now that you can print guns at home it's bad for your health.. I see. How about aspartame "enriched" milk, FDA? That's ok, right?
    jackal2687 likes this.
  11. jeffz6

    jeffz6 TS Rookie Posts: 78

    Love it!

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