5.1 surround and headphones at the same time

By bombtrack
Aug 31, 2005
  1. ive seen a few threads about setting up speakers and headphones at the same time, and all of them use an empty audio port at the back of the pc

    i dont have an empty slot, cus i used all of them for my 5.1 speakerset
    the only slot ive got left is the headphones slot on the front but if i plug in haedphones there my front left and front right speakers are automatically disabled. how do i stop that from happening

    i want to use my headphonesport the wire my pc to my tv and from there to my stereoset (i got all the equipment for it) so i have 10 speakers at the same time.
    would kick *** if it worked
    please help me
  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    What Soundcard are you using? If you check any configuration applets for the Soundcard you "might" be able to disable the auto-mute if headphones detected (Creative offers such an option). Alternatively you could just use a splitter cable for the front speakers so you can have both headphones & front speaker output at the same time (Or at least without worrying about headphones muting the front channels)
  3. bombtrack

    bombtrack TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dont really know what kind of soundcard it is.....supports 5.1 though
    it was already build-in when i bought the pc

    cant find any option in the program that came with the pc for audio (xear 3d audio configuration) either to stop the automute

    isnt there just a simple plugin or program out there on the net to counter this effect?
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