6 GPU support coming?

By red1776
Jun 6, 2011
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  1. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,258

    Saw this over at TT a couple of days back. If the TJ11 pricing is anything to go by, this one is going to be Level 10 pricing.
    Great for folders. More than a little unweildy for most, although if AMD and Nvidia are going to continue to abuse the hell out of the PCI specification then dual PSU options probably aren't a bad idea!
    Not sold on the ninety degree chassis's for watercooling/TEC, and like the Raven and Fortress, isn't laid out well for it. Would have preferred to see a bottom chamber in chassis reserved for radiators/PSU/pumps/res with the fans mounted above.

    Still 99.9% better than this monstrosity
  2. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Topic Starter Posts: 5,219   +157

    Seeee, once again, I'm cutting edge! hehe. I am eyeballing the Raven RV01-BW for my next build/upgrade, but for the things you mentioned. I also need to make sure the 4th card will fit in there and not bump up against the HDD bays.
  3. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,258

    You wont fit four cards into an RV01 (the first Raven chassis). Four cards will fit into an RV02, but not the RV02-E(volution)
  4. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Topic Starter Posts: 5,219   +157

    Yeah I just looked it up again, I have my revisions wrong:eek:. WC'ing looks problematic in any case. I do like the 90 degree design though.
  5. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,258

    90 degree and watercooling pretty much means the TJ11 at this stage I think, although you could argue that heat dissipation problems with a conventional mobo orientation are largely moot if you're wc'ing the cards and CPU.
    From the chassis I've fitted cooling loops into, I'd say that the TJ07, ATCS840 (both of which would require a cut-down front expansion bracket for the fourth card), the Corsair 700D/800D and the full-size Lian Li's are the best laid out.
    If Xigmatek re-release the Elysium with the few minor faults rectified (as per Tom Logan's observations) then I'll both be getting one, and recommending the chassis to my build customers. It looks an amazing chassis at a very good price.

    Back on the subject of the TJ12, I'm wondering how many PSU's would be compatible with the chassis. PSU PCI-E cables usually top out at around two feet in length ( ~65cm) for the better units and often are much shorter (53-55cm)

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