6600GT to 6800GS worth it?

By truflip
Jan 12, 2006
  1. is it worth goin from 6600GT to 6800GS?
    I think i can sell the 6600GT for about $170 canadian
    the 6800GS is $250 right now

    so with taxes and shipping thats about 290$ so id need to stack up about $120 more.. not so bad... but is it worth spending $120 for the 6800GS? or should i keep the 6600GT.. wait ... n wait.. n wait till a super deal comes out? heh..
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

  3. truflip

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  4. DonNagual

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    I have no attachment to tigerdirect, it was just the only Canadian site I knew of off the top of my head ;)

    Anyways, I recently put together a system for a friend and he went for the 256Mb version of a 6600 card. On low settings it plays games VERY well. Your 6600GT would be even better. Granted, low settings suck. The 6800GS would be a great upgrade for you if you are in a hurry.

    I ordered my 7800GT yesterday, and just wish for someone to enjoy my pleasure with me, which is why I am pushing the 7800GT on you. It is strictly for personal reasons.
  5. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 390

    lol wutta guy.. well unfortunately, i cannot afford to purchase a 7800GT right now. i play mostly NFS:MW and with the 6600GT im happy with it.. but would like to play it at 12x10 res so then i can be even happier.. lol at 10x7 res.. everything on high and gettin a good 30fps.. im happy but yea... somethin inside me is telling me to get a 6800GS :suspiciou

    maybe i should jus hold on to it eh?
  6. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Well, let's put it this way.

    I currently have a 6800GT (with 1Gb of ram and an Athlon64 3700).

    It eats games. It rocks. I have F.E.A.R. running at max settings and the game barely blinks at it.

    That 6800GS card is nothing to laugh it. VERY nice card.

    The only reason I am getting the 7800GT is because I have some cash to blow, and I like having the fastest. It is a fault in my character.
  7. vnf4ultra

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    A 6800gs is roughly equizalent of a 6800gt. Here's a nice upgrade chart.
    So a ~39% increase, that means if you're getting 30fps now, a 39% increase on that would be ~42fps. It'd be a worthy upgrade IMO.

    Hey don, I should be getting my 7800gt sometime soon, I guess I can "join the crowd" with you. :).
  8. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 390

  9. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 390

    don do u have real game benchmarks of ur 6800GT? preferably in NFS:MW, uhmm F.E.A.R, Age of Empires 3, FarCry (i wanna play this game again) uhm uhm what else.. oh BF2 and COD2 please

    also what do u get in 3dmark05 with both ur cards
  10. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    An x800gto should be slightly faster than a 6600gt(close to a 6800), but if you flash the bios and successfully unlock it, it should be similar to a 6800gs/6800gt.
    If you unlock and overclock it, it probably will be faster(depending on oc) than a 6800gs/gt.
    You might consider powercolor's x800gto16, it's basically a x800xl, it come's unlocked from the factory(16 pipes instead of 12), so then you wouldn't have to unlock it at all.
    It's model is the X800GTO16256MB
    Not sure where to get it in canada, but in the us it's only like $190
  11. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 390

    thnx for the info vnf. i will keep an eye out for that model. theres only one shop i kno that carries powercolor items.. but rarely.. ill check if they can get it for me. but i doubt it'll be as well priced as the 6800GS ..

    at times liek these i wish newegg would ship to canada lol
  12. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    To heck with DonN and is darn 7800GT! :grinthumb (just kidding Don)
    I'm still stuck with my 6600GT :(
    My 3Dmark05 score is a sad 4175, with 575/1180Mhz OC on the card. I reset my OC on my mobo though and have to take the time to tweak that back up and see if that helps.

    As for the 6800GS it would be an improvement obviously but like you said it will still cost $120 AND the need to sell the 660GT. IMO I'd wait to see if the prices come down on the 7800 series or even the 6800GT or GTX. I mean wait 2 months. I'n the meantime OC the 6600GT a little and see what you can tweah out of it. BTY I get 40-80FPS on COD2 and 80-140FPS on CS.S.

    I use a great little shop called Extreme PC in Guelph, Ont, they only carry top end gaming PC stuff.

    They might ship to Ottawa.

  13. spartanslayer

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    If you guys ever have any extra cards, I'd die to have them. But only if they're free (I would pay for shipping). LOL! But seriously, if your ever throwing one out, send it to me please!
  14. vnf4ultra

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    I found a x800gto16 in canada, here.
    I think IIRC, though, you had issues w/ tigerdirect before, so it might not be much help.
  15. DonNagual

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    You are not invited to my private "I have a 7800GT" party. Yours was received for free, and I just can't get past my envy level to invite you.

    Sorry mate. I know I should be bigger than that and I'll try to become a better person in the future. :haha:

    Grrrrrrr. You're invited so I can get you really drunk, then draw funny faces on you with permanent ink after you fall asleep.
  16. LipsOfVenom

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    i have a 6800GS, it came stock 500/100, i overclocked to 580/1200 and i've had it for....3 months, so its pretty stable and worthy. i only got about 9000 on 3DMark05 but i'm using a Pentium D 830 so the graphix didn't make use of 2 cores...i stay around 80 fps on farcry, lowest is 50fps when theres like 10 monsters trying to eat me, medium settings though...but it's still a good card for me
  17. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Yeah but the problem with your theory is I will not fall asleep/pass out, "I am Canadian" and therefore a semi-pro at drinking. ;)

    BTY what is your score with 3DMark05? 8000ish? :zzz: :grinthumb
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