7 years of 3d graphics -

By Arris
Mar 17, 2002
  1. The article
    With Microsoft revealing plans to do the graphics chipset for the Xbox2, are they going to try and enter the graphics market for a second time?
    Got to say this article is a really good read and I thoroughly recommend it.
  2. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 4,606   +287

    I'd have put this in news if I had known Paul and Thomas thought that it was news worthy ;)
  3. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    7 Years of Graphics...

    Accelenation's article on the past 7 years of the graphics industry is a really good read.
  4. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Man that article brings back memories. I remember having an ATI 3d Rage All-in-Wonder with 4 megs of memory and getting my first Voodoo 1 accelerator and thinking I was hot stuff with a whopping 8 megs of ram. I rember the first game I bought was Need for Speed, I think, and comming home and not being able to play it, calling tech support they told me "yeah it doesn't work on that card"...."but we will put a patch out in about 6 months so wait for the patch to play", I didn't, and never bought another need for speed game !!
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