7600GS video card installation of drivers

By dbonniwell
Nov 20, 2006
  1. Good Day!
    I will be updating my video card here soon and in need of information. I read and read that I should Remove ALL the old drivers and remnants then put the new drivers on the desktop before turning off the computer to replace card.
    They say I should update with the newest version now 93.?? for 7600GS AGP but I read about people having probelms with this and that versions especially in the v9X.XX range have problems. What version should I use that will not cause any trouble?

    How can I make sure all remnance of old drivers are gone, including registry keys?

    My system is a dual boot JapaneseXP and English XP Thus I assume conflict?

    I will be saying my prayers about becoming good changing this card out, I there anyone out that can give me a guidance
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    93.71 didn't cause any problems here with my 7600GS AGP card. I can't give more details as I don't have Windows anymore.

    You could try Driver Cleaner.

    Your assumption is incorrect :)
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