8 Vista versions

By DragonMaster
Feb 27, 2006
  1. Some news on Google News about this, there are supposedly 6 finally. (Well, I found that some tell 7)

    Vista Starter : emerging countries
    Vista Business et Vista Enterprise : For business
    Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium et Vista Ultimate : For home.

    Yay, now 3 home versions... And I suppose that after a few years some progs. will only work in ultimate? (As some progs work only in XP Pro)
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    Oh sh*t! What the hell are those marketing guys at m$ high on?

    I think someone (not me; got too much to do) should start a petition against this multi-edition bullsh*t!

  3. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 327

    Maybe that they have a different vision of "Having choice" ...

    Some people might have complained that there was no choice with Windows and they came up with that.
  4. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    I still think 6-7 editions/versions is way too much.
  5. hadoud76

    hadoud76 TS Rookie Posts: 41

    I dont think that Microsoft havent worked that out but I see it very dumb, surely every1 would prefer the best OS(Don't tell me cheaper or something) whatever they do I do have now a pirated version of the beta version, and it couldn't be that hard to get a pirated one of the real one.Coming back to the 8 versions...They may be a lot, but I think Microsoft is doing a lot of projects to release things: The vista thing , a whole new OS, that's gotta hurt.But you know what I like that they're releasing something new b4 people start saying XP doesnt elevate work as much as other OS's do...etc....etc...
    I donno I would wait for Tedster to tell us an answer and I'd be intrested in it...Why 8 versions???
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