A bunch of my files have been converted to .dcm and not by me and now I need them

By nbthor
Jul 30, 2009
  1. I wish I knew when this happened. I added a DNS 323 network drive back in April, and interestingly the .dcm extension files all date to the 16th of April. I think it must have something to do with the Memeo software that came with the drive. Is there anyway to get the files out of .dcm and back to what they were? There is so much stuff that I thought I had that would be gone. Getting it back would be nice.
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    if you know what each file is right click it and choose open with, use the bit that lets you choose from the list and then tick the box that says "always use this program to open the file"
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    This "sounds like" the most logical meaning for the .dcm file extension:

    From Filex:
    The DNS 323 drive is a S-Link data storage drive. I don't know how Western Digital comes into the picture- I'm not a hardware person.

    Are you trying to access and use a backup?
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    Thanks for the help. I panicked when the restored files on my C: drive all had .dcm extensions and I couldn't find originals. I guess I got lost in my file structure when restoring them and restored from the /dcm folder under the memeo backup rather than the c/ or d/ folders. I finally found them and most of my stuff was there. I've slowly been returning files to where they belong after a hard drive failure a few months ago. Too many drives and too many folders that look all the same. Makes deleting scary too. Oh well, I'll try to go more slowly and try not to freak out next time.
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    There are several sites available for a search using search string such as file extension .dcm. Using one would probably help you out if you get in a similar fix. One site to skip though is "auditmypc" The others, safe for search are,, and many others.

    Understand the file extension will help you decide how to handle that file. It is never a good idea to randomly delete a file because you don't know what it is.
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