A few questions on bluetooth, if you can help?

By torrenter
Apr 16, 2008
  1. Hi guys, a little off subject, PC-wise, but I was thinking of buying a new bluetooth capable mp3 player and bluetooth headphones/headset. It led me to a few questions on the technology. I hope someone can help. I've had no replies yet off other PMP/bluetooth dedicated sites.

    1. Does listening through bluetooth headset reduce the quality (e.g mono, compared to stereo)?

    2. Does bluetooth allow different branded mp3 players and headsets to be interlinked? I was thinking of mainly the Samsung YP-T10JCB working with Sony's DR-BT21G headset, or Sony's NWZ-A828K working with Samsung's YA-BH270B headset. These mp3 players are the one's I'm most interested in.

    3. Can you have a separate mp3 player and mobile linked to the same headset, so that you can listen to music, take a call, then carry on listening to music, seamlessly?
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