A Nvidia 6800 Card Combine With Athlon Xp Cpu?

By antegeia
Oct 20, 2005
  1. i want some advices.i am planing to buy a nvidia 6800 card.i have an athlon xp 2600 with 1024 mb ram and 9600 pro card.i am wondering if the 6800 card can give 100% of its power compibed with the athlon xp2600?will i have difference in performance between 6800 and 6600gt card?can the cpu help these cards to oparate 100%?or do i have to buy an other cpu such as athlon64?what power supply do i need?
  2. Mazza558

    Mazza558 TS Rookie Posts: 35

    I think it should be OK, but you are unlikely to get 100% power out of it. If you could upgrade your processor to a 3000+ or something simialr, i'm sure it would be 100% then.
  3. Supra

    Supra TS Enthusiast Posts: 190

    Ive got an identical setup with half the RAM and a 6800 and I get 9004 3Dmark's(03), not too shabby. As for a power supply I would get something with 400+ watts from a good brand(enermax, antec).
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