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By jazzman2040
Jun 28, 2008
  1. I was looking for a diagram for a motherboard and found this site.Looks very helpful and I should find answers to those oh so nagging questions. i.e. how do I hook up this motherboard that my daughter's friend tried to install and lost the diagrams? lol It's a K8MC51G. Thanks!
  2. jazzman2040

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    I found what i was looking for at 2:00 a.m.-the manual on my daughters mobo--and several more at I had to second guess that it was a K8 series, but when it showed it, perfection! It looked exactly like her mobo. 20 min later I was making it dance. All-be-it, I had to hook it up to all my computers hardware-keyboard, mouse, power cords, monitor,etc. Went out later to a yard sale and picked it all up for $20.
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