Abit I-45CV Issue

By Stoners
Nov 4, 2008
  1. Hello Everyone

    I just did buy an Abit I-45CV Motherboard . I got all the new parts of my new pc connected and fllowed the Manual very carefuly .
    The only one thing that i couldn't make , Is the fron panel Pins for the (Audio Only) .
    The manual provides a guide with a pic , But My PC Chassies dosen't have all these cable that match the thing on the panel.
    Anyway .. The Manual says , Wrong connecting to the pins may cuase a malfunction or even a motherboard damge

    See whats happned to me .
    Firt of all , i running the pc , The motherboard has no beep at all when starting ,
    Also .. When i was installing windows visat , the computer shutts down suddenly , i did that many times and same thing , I checked the CPU FAN and also the Power Supply , all these are just working well ,
    So , I installed windows xp , and when it finish copying files it must be restarted , My pc hang on (restart your computer) ,, so i have to do it manually ,

    Please i need your help may this problem happned becuase the wrong connectin of the front panle pins for the FS-Audio101 ?
    Here the a photo from the manual shows how it must be connected :

    I can't post it you , not allowed . you can just search for the manual to see it

    The cables names i have on my pc case for the audio panel are :
    Line Out FR 2 hall
    Line Out FL 2 halls
    MIC Power
    Mic Ground 2 halls
    Please help me to make the corrrect connecting thanks in advance .
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    'My pc hang on (restart your computer) ,, so i have to do it manually'

    OK, I'll bite! What does this mean?

    Is it booting or not?
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