ABS Mayhem G3 Laptop 2 HOT!!!

By Yourrid
Sep 28, 2005
  1. Hey guys, i have a ABS Mayhem G3 laptop with a AMD Athlon +3400 processor and im having some heating problems. This sucker gets HOT, and i mean HOT! I was playing a flying game the other night and my screen went hay-wire... and the bottom felt like it was about to melt. So.... i really need to find a way to cool this sucker down. I got a program from AMD that monitors my CPU temp, and i plan on getting a cooling pad SOON, but what else can i do? Right now my computer is running at 75c. Im getting this temp from a program from AMD, but i havent seen the temp change so idk if this is totally accurate.

    Are there other fans that i can put in it to cool it off?

    any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    i'd expect as much from a laptop of your caliber. 'tops simply arent any good for performance applications. the loaded ones always run too hot, cost too much, and have very short battery lives. i reccomend you enact some peices of wood to raise the laptop off the desk, allowing air to circulate uinderneat it. just be careful not to position the wood where it prevents a certain part from dissipating heat. my friend actually buiult himself a holder using three 2x4s and some masonite, and it kept his P4 lappy cool enough.
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