Absolutely NO SOUND , is it a virus ?

By vasko
Dec 14, 2005
  1. Hi , i'll tell what hapens few days ago , and i'll please you for some help.. ! So , it was a week ago in one office . The secretary has been working on her PC ( TFT-PC P4 - Medion ) , after work she turn off the PC and on the next - NO SOUNDS , in the same day one of her collegues with notebook ( TCM - CITRON (ALi sound architecture)) get the same thing . What i've done , first try to reinstall the drivers on the TFT-PC .. , no results , just a massage - Device is not working .. , error code : 10 . Then i've try to repair the notebook , i totaly remove Windows XP , with full HDD format .. , then install again Win XP , with all the drivers - and again - no sounds. Strange , on the notebook - no device errors , all drivers has been installed , and device manager don't report any errors , but still no sound . I've been totaly angry and i've made full format of the notebook's HDD , then install Gentoo , with all the nessasery modules and kernel support , alsa , and OSS . I've made alsaconf and alsa detect correctly the sound device .. , and again - NO SOUND .. , the only thing i can here on this notebook is just the system beep .. , nothing else . Can it be some virus witch brokes somehow the sound device .. ????????

    P.S. i also check for BIOS setting - there was no settings like that ..
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