Accidentaly unplugged computer without shutting down. Computer will not start.

Jul 21, 2014
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  1. Hi, so today I unplugged my computer while it was still running by accident. Now it wont start at all, no lights, no fans, nothing. I am concerned that it may be a problem with my power supply (maybe fried it or something). And no its not a problem with the cord (I tried a different one), its not a problem with the power switch (the one that you switch to either circle or line) because I tried it both ways. However recently my computers power button stopped working so my brother hooked up an old keyboard to my computer so to start it I will press a key on that keyboard and it will start up my computer, so I have to keyboards one to start the computer up and one to type. So in summary im not really sure what the problem is but im 90% sure it has something to do with either my "power keyboard" of my Power Supply so yeah. Any help will be apreciated :D
  2. Cobalt006

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    Try and get a psu off a friend who might have a extra one. Go from there. This way you might be able to narrow it down. It really hard to say what happen .
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    Look up your motherboard manual and find the 2 pins that the power switch is supposed to connect to, if your switch is plugged into those 2 great. If not put it back on and try. If it still doesn't work, take a flat tipped screwdriver and touch both of the pins. If that still doesn't work, it is your PSU (or perhaps you killed the motherboard too, but that is unlikely).

    Longshot hope: I've seen this work twice, but it was probably a coincidence both times... Unplug the PSU from the wall, flip the switch from 115 to 230 (or the other way around depending on what country you are in), flip the switch back to whatever it was on before, plug back in and try.
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