Adding a graphic card to the Asus A7N266

By retro
Mar 17, 2002
  1. Does anyone have information on the issues of adding an AGP video card to the A7N266 board? I have been using one for several weeks, with the onboard video, with no issues.

    However, I have talked with several others who have installed Nvidia cards and find the boards randomly shutdown and/or reboot for no reason. Asus refuses to answer any questions on this.

    Also, I want to use a Matrox G400 video with this board for video editing (dual head) and the board trips the red warning LED and refuses to function. Asus indicated there is no problem with the Matrox, when I contacted them prior to buying the mb.

    Can anyone enlighten me with their exprerience? Thanks
  2. uncleel

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    Sounds like a problem with the nForce implementation by Asus.
    Its actually meant to disable the onboard graphics automatically from what I understand. I'll see what I can find out about it.
    HardOCP report that the Asus boards built with the nForce chipset can be fussy about Ram.
    But none of the big review/test sites seem to report any problems with the use of a AGP graphics card... :confused:
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    When I tried to contact Asus about both the GForce and Matrox issues, they said (first call) they "never heard of the problem" and could offer no advice. The second call was more interesting when they said they could not talk about the problem. When I asked them if they were aware of it, they said "sure, but we aren't able to talk to you about it".

    For a company with an excellent reputation, they sure don't seem to be ready to deal with this issue.

    On the ram issue, I am aware of the problem with the third slot and am using Critical PC2100 512MB sticks (2).

    Thanks for the answers. Hopefully someone has a answer to this problem

  6. Arris

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    "Aren't allowed to talk about it".
    That sounds very ominous.
    If I find anything else out I'll post back.
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